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Announcements from 2017

Inquiry into Westland District Council’s procurement of remedial works for the Franz Josef wastewater plant
21 December 2017: We have decided on an inquiry and its terms of reference.
Inquiry into Waikato District Health Board’s procurement of services from HealthTap
20 December 2017: We have decided on an inquiry and its terms of reference.
Response to the Report of the Havelock North Drinking Water Inquiry
7 December 2017: The Havelock North inquiry report could have implications for our work.
Ministry of Defence Major Projects Report 2016 published
17 August 2017: This week, the Ministry of Defence published its 2016 Major Projects Reports, which includes commentary from the Deputy Auditor-General.
Statement from the Deputy Controller and Auditor-General
3 August 2017: Acknowledging the resignation of Martin Matthews as Controller and Auditor-General.
Decision to grant Peter Thiel citizenship
17 July 2017: On 23 February 2017, the Auditor-General received a request from Denise Roche MP to look into the the decision to grant citizenship to Peter Thiel. This is our response.
Fuji Xerox and all-of-government contracts
10 July 2017: On 11 May 2017, the Auditor-General received a request from Rt Hon Winston Peters to look into Fuji Xerox and all-of-government contracts. This is our response.
Funding arrangement for Singapore Airlines route
27 June 2017: In response to queries from members of the public, we have written to Wellington City Council regarding the funding arrangement for Singapore Airlines’ Wellington-Canberra-Singapore route.
Statement from the Controller and Auditor-General
24 May 2017
Insuring public assets: our intentions
March 2017: We wrote to the Finance and Expenditure Committee, telling it that we intend to carry out work in 2018/19 that will follow up on our June 2013 discussion paper about insuring public assets...
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