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Preparing for the 2006 audits

Auditing the future: 1
First LTCCP project newsletter, November 2003.
Auditing the future: 2
Second LTCCP project newsletter, December 2003
Auditing the future: 3
Third LTCCP project newsletter, April 2004
Auditing the future: 4
Forth LTCCP project newsletter, October 2004
Auditing the future: 5
Fifth LTCCP project newsletter, December 2004
Auditing the future: 6
Sixth LTCCP project newsletter, February 2005
Auditing the future: 7
Seventh LTCCP project newsletter, April 2005
Auditing the future: 8
Eighth LTCCP project newsletter, December 2005
Auditing the future: 9
Ninth LTCCP project newsletter, March 2006
Presentation to the 2005 local government conference
Presentation by Bruce Robertson, Assistant Auditor-General Local Government
Letter to the Financial Reporting Standards Board
February 2004, regarding FRS-29.
Address to Asset Management and Engineering Directors' Forum
Presented by Kevin Brady and Ann Webster
Presentation to the 2004 local government conference
Presented by Ann Webster, Assistant Auditor General Local Government Development
Presentation to February 2005 local government zone meetings
Presented by Kevin Brady (Auditor-General), Ann Webster (Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government Development), and Bruce Robertson (Assistant Auditor-General, Local Government)
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