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Recent publications

The Auditor-General publishes 30-40 reports each year. These are the most recent.
Ministry of Justice: Modernising court services
December 2017: We looked at three projects that were carried out between 2012 and 2016. Some people's experience of using court services has improved after the Ministry's investment in these projects. However, the Ministry has not effectively tracked or measured what improvements have been made...
Using information to improve social housing services
December 2017: People who need social housing can be some of the most vulnerable in our society. A significant proportion require social services, including for medical, mental health, and addiction conditions. It is important for Housing New Zealand to have a good understanding of tenants' needs and its role in supporting them. This report looks at how well Housing New Zealand uses information to manage tenancies, maintain houses, and manage and invest in new and existing social housing.
Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: Final monitoring report
December 2017: In 2007, the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct criticised the historical conduct, including sexual conduct, of some police officers and their associates. The Commission recommended comprehensive changes to the way the New Zealand Police (the Police) worked. The Government asked the Auditor-General to monitor, for 10 years, the Police's progress on the Commission's recommendations. This is our fifth and final monitoring report.
Results of the 2016 school audits
December 2017: This detailed information sets out the results of the school audits for 2016. We have provided this information to the Secretary for Education.
Central government: Results of the 2016/17 audits
December 2017: This report sets out the results of our audit of the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the year ended 30 June 2017 (the Government's financial statements) and of carrying out the Controller function.
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