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Advertising and publicity reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about publicly funded advertising or publicity.
Part 12: Local authority elections - issues to watch out for
Local government: Results of the 2008/09 audits.
Advertising expenditure incurred by the Parliamentary Service in the three months before the 2005 General Election
October 2006: In the three months before the General Election on 17 September 2005, the Auditor-General became concerned that electioneering material may have been paid for by the Parliamentary Service out of resources appropriated for MPs’ and parliamentary parties’ advertising...
Government and parliamentary publicity and advertising
June 2005: Publicity and advertising are important activities for governments and parliamentary parties, which can legitimately be paid for with public funds. But at the same time such activities are inherently sensitive, and open to the risk of abuse...
Working for Families Communications Strategy
September 2004, letter to Hon Murray McCully MP.
Good Practice for Managing Public Communications by Local Authorities
April 2004: Local authorities will have to determine what practical application they make of our good practice guidance in particular situations. We recommend that the adoption and application of the guidance in this publication be incorporated in a formal communications policy...
Suggested guidelines for a convention on publicly-funded government advertising and publicity
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