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Central government reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about central government agencies (Ministries, Departments, State-owned enterprises, or Crown entities).
Central government: Results of the 2005/06 audits
April 2007, ISBN 0-478-18174-4.
Central government: Results of the 2004/05 audits
March 2006, ISBN 0-478-18152-3.
Central government: Results of the 2003/04 audits
March 2005, ISBN 0-478-18130-2.
Central government: Results of the 2002/03 audits
June 2004, ISBN 0-478-18119-1.
Central government: Results of the 2001/02 audits
June 2003.
Central government and other issues 2001/02
June 2002.
Reporting Public Sector Performance
January 2002: We wrote this report to stimulate discussion about how public entities set direction, and measure and report performance. We wish to contribute to improvement in public entities’ accountability for their performance to Parliament, ratepayers and the public...
Central government: Results of the 2000/01 audits
December 2001.
Central government: Results of the 1999-2000 audits
December 2000.
Airways Corporation of New Zealand Limited: Review of Certain Matters Concerning the National Air Traffic Services (UK) Consortium
June 2000: This report concerns the proposed involvement of Airways Corporation of New Zealand Limited in a consortium formed to bid for a portion of the National Air Traffic Services organisation based in the United Kingdom. The consortium transaction gave rise to potential conflicts of interest on the part of three senior executives. Moreover, the Board’s management of the potential conflicts of interest became the subject of serious allegations of impropriety...
Student Loan Scheme – Publicly Available Accountability Information
June 2000: This report is about the Student Loan Scheme, those who have a stake in the Scheme, what their information requirements are, and whether, in our view, those requirements are being met...
Governance and Oversight of Large Information Technology Projects
April 2000: The report is in three main sections. Governance and accountability is covered in Part One. Understanding IT projects is the subject of Part Two. It describes the environment within which IT projects operate, and the normal stages of projects. It discusses key issues with the conduct of IT projects, and concludes by commenting on project risks. Reasons for project success and failure are covered in Part Three...
First report for 2000
March 2000.
Fifth report for 1999
December 1999.
Inquiry into events surrounding the chartering of aircraft by the Department of Work and Income
October 1999: This report sets out the results of our inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the chartering of aircraft by the Department of Work and Income to enable its service centre managers to attend a course at Wairakei Resort on 3 and 4 June 1999...
Fourth report for 1999: Health sector matters
October 1999.
Towards service excellence: The responsiveness of government agencies to their clients
August 1999: We carried out a special audit of five services provided by government departments to establish whether their systems and processes were responsive to their clients. For the purposes of this report we refer to the service providers we audited as the “five agencies”...
Third report for 1999: The accountability of Executive Government to Parliament
June 1999.
Inquiry into certain events concerning the New Zealand Tourism Board
April 1999: This report examines the appointments of, payments to, and resignations of, Messrs Mogridge and Wall. Events affecting the issues addressed in this report are complex and span a lengthy period. To fully understand these events the report needs to be read in its entirety – especially the historical perspective set out in Parts 1 to 3, and Part 8 on governance issues...
First report for 1999
March 1999.
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