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Defence reports

A list of the reports, articles, and presentations about defence entities or defence-related topics.
Defence Force personnel involvement with a commercial entity - Miltech
19 February 2016
New Zealand Defence Force: The civilianisation project
January 2013: To remain effective and conform with government policy, New Zealand Defence Force designed the civilianisation project to change the balance of its workforce. It aimed to get a higher proportion of military staff in "front" (deployable military capability) positions compared to direct and indirect support positions. Overall, in our view, the civilianisation project has had limited success...
Inquiry into New Zealand Defence Force payments to officers seconded to the United Nations
July 2010: We carried out an inquiry into several matters associated with the payment of accommodation assistance by NZDF to four officers who it seconded to the UN in New York for different periods between 2001 and 2008...
New Zealand Defence Force: Progress with the Defence Sustainability Initiative
September 2009: The Defence Sustainability Initiative was NZDF's 10-year programme to use more than $4 billion in extra funding, to improve the military and corporate capability of our defence forces. We looked at the progress NZDF made during the Initiative’s first three years...
Reporting the progress of defence acquisition projects
June 2008: An interim report setting out a high-level summary of cost and time frame changes for 10 defence projects...
Part 12: Overview of the Defence Sustainability Initiative
Central government: Results of the 2005/06 audits.
Part 3.5: Disclosing fiscal risks on Defence capital projects
Part 3.5 of a report on the results of the 1999-2000 central government audits.
Ministry of Defence and NZ Defence Force: Further report on the acquisition and introduction into service of Light Armoured Vehicles
December 2004: This is our second report about the acquisition of 105 Light Armoured Vehicles for the New Zealand Army. The findings are significant for capital purchasing in the wider public sector...
Managing Threats to Domestic Security
October 2003: In this audit, we set out to provide assurance to Parliament and the public that threats to domestic security are being adequately managed. Our unique mandate as auditor of the public sector enabled us to examine the wide range of arrangements in place to identify and respond to domestic security threats...
New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor — Performance of the Health Support Services
February 2003: This report examines the contribution of the variety of professionals from all three Services (Navy, Army and Air Force) who provided Health Support to the East Timor Deployment...
New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor — Performance of the Helicopter Detachment
December 2002: This report looks at the contribution of the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s helicopter detachment – looking mainly at planning for deployment during early to mid-1999, and operations from September 1999 to February 2000...
New Zealand Defence Force: Deployment to East Timor
November 2001: In September 1999 New Zealand Defence Force personnel went into East Timor to restore peace and security as part of a multinational force (the largest deployment of New Zealand military personnel since the Korean conflict in the 1950s). We examined how the NZDF planned for and how it prepared to assemble and train forces capable of achieving the mission...
Ministry of Defence: Acquisition of Light Armoured Vehicles and Light Operational Vehicles
August 2001: We have compiled this report from the markedly divergent views of the MoD, the NZDF and Army. Documentary evidence was often poor. Key decisions were often not recorded. Nevertheless, we feel that we have assembled a compelling picture that illustrates problems in the key areas of governance, relationships, accountabilities, and defence planning...
Expenditure on the Base Commander's residence at RNZAF Ohakea
March 1994.
The quality and reliability of Defence equipment: Royal New Zealand Air Force
August 1992, ISBN 0 477 02832 2.
The quality and reliability of Defence equipment: Royal New Zealand Navy
August 1991, ISBN 0 477 02822 5.
The quality and reliability of Defence equipment: The Army
August 1990, ISBN 0 477 02816 0.
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