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Environmental reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about environmental agencies or environmental matters.
Department of Conservation: Planning for and managing publicly owned land
May 2006: The Department of Conservation is responsible for managing 8.5 million hectares of publicly owned land. We expected the Department, which manages nearly a third of New Zealand’s total land area, to have a very clear idea about what it was doing with the land...
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Managing biosecurity risks associated with high-risk sea containers
May 2006: The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry identifies, inspects, and manages the decontamination of sea containers that pose the highest biosecurity risks. The Ministry is responsive to emerging risks. However, the Ministry has had more than 2 years to implement a revised Import Health Standard for sea containers, but it is not yet fully in place...
Ministry of Fisheries: Follow-up report on information requirements for the sustainable management of fisheries
June 2005: This report examined how well the Ministry had implemented 7 recommendations we made in 1999. The Ministry has made progress in implementing most of those recommendations, but further improvements can be made. Accordingly, this report makes 4 additional recommendations...
Horizons and Otago Regional Councils: Management of freshwater resources
May 2005: This report looks at how the Resource Management Act 1991 framework has been implemented by the Horizons Regional Council and the Otago Regional Council for the management of freshwater in their regions...
Department of Conservation: Administration of the Conservation Services Programme - Follow-up audit
February 2005: In 2002, we reported on the administration of the Conservation Services Programme by the Department of Conservation. We went back to the Department of Conservation, and the Ministry of Fisheries, to see what progress had been made in implementing our recommendations...
Case Study 11: Planning the Wairarapa Coastal Strategy
Local Authorities Working Together.
Report on the Disposal of 17 Kelly Street by The Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited
June 2003, letter to the Minister Responsible for Crown Research Institutes.
Department of Conservation: Administration of the Conservation Services Programme
December 2002: We conducted this inquiry as a result of a complaint from a body that represents the interests of its shareholding fishing companies and associations. The complaint was supported by specific case studies illustrating the body’s concerns about the way that the Department of Conservation manages the Conservation Services Programme...
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Management of Biosecurity Risks
November 2002: In this report we assessed how MAF manages terrestrial biosecurity risks. We also examined seven case studies as illustrations of MAF’s application of biosecurity risk policies and procedures, and identified areas where we think improvements can be made...
Management of Biosecurity Risks: Case Studies
November 2002: This report contains seven case studies that highlight how departments have managed specific biosecurity risks. The case studies illustrate how departments have worked together, and how the policies and procedures of the Biosecurity Programme have been applied in relation to specific biosecurity risks...
Thames Coromandel District Council: Actions relating to a Sewerage Scheme for Cooks Beach and Ferry Landing
June 2001: We believe that other local authorities will find the discussion of the issues dealt with in this report helpful when faced with making similar decisions...
Meeting International Environmental Obligations
April 2001: New Zealand is party to almost 50 multilateral environmental agreements. All impose obligations that New Zealand has agreed to meet - and none are easy to implement. They are often complex and their scientific basis is not always agreed or well understood...
Good practice for involvement in a major project, lessons from the Opuha Dam Project
February 2001: The purpose of our review was to see what messages for good practice we could find from looking at one large-scale project. While much is known about the circumstances of the breach of the Opuha Dam, the lessons for public authorities that might be involved in such projects have not hitherto been explored...
Management of sewage treatment systems
May 1992, ISBN 0 477 02831 4.
Marine Fisheries Management
December 1990, ISBN 0 477 02818 7. Jointly prepared by the Controller and Auditor-General and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.
Ministry of Works and Development: Irrigation schemes
April 1987, ISBN 0 477 02801 2.
Electrical supply authorities: local hydro-electric power schemes
February 1987.
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