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Governance reports

A list of reports, articles, or published letters about governance arrangements.
Governance of the National Security System
November 2016: In our view, the governance arrangements for responding to national security events and emergencies are well established, fundamentally sound, and fit for purpose. The response to Operation Concord was an example of the National Security System working well. New Zealand’s security system has some of the characteristics of a world-class system.
Reflections from our audits: Governance and accountability
April 2016: This report reflects on common issues and challenges, and examples of good and emerging practice that public entities can use to help improve their governance and accountability arrangements.
Governance and accountability for three Christchurch rebuild projects
December 2015: This report looks at the governance arrangements for three projects to rebuild essential facilities in Christchurch: the Bus Interchange, the New Central Library, and the Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital. We found that governance was most effective when there was a clear structure and when accountabilities, roles, and responsibilities were well defined and understood. Strong leadership was an important part of effective governance, and being clear about who is accountable for project outcomes supports effective governance.
Governance and accountability of council-controlled organisations
October 2015: This report updates our earlier publications on local authority subsidiaries and re-examines the principles for good governance of subsidiaries that we proposed in 2001. It also identifies and discusses the issues relevant to CCOs that have come to our attention since 2002.
Reviewing aspects of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative
October 2015: Progress with technical aspects – such as reaching design solutions, developing procurement options, and budget management – has been strong. But Auckland Transport needs to improve the focus on relationships with stakeholders, contractor performance, and the benefits delivered to date, as part of the monitoring and reporting. We made 12 recommendations to help Auckland Transport strengthen AMETI’s governance, accountability, and programme management arrangements.
Effectiveness of governance arrangements in the arts, culture, and heritage sector
May 2015: In this report, we look at the effectiveness of governance arrangements in six public entities in the arts, culture, and heritage sector. Overall, there is an effective level of governance in each of the six entities. The boards for these entities take their responsibilities seriously and have appropriate structures, policies, and practices to help their organisations achieve their strategic direction and fulfil their roles. However, more could be done to strengthen risk management...
Inland Revenue Department: Governance of the Business Transformation programme
April 2015: We found that Inland Revenue’s governance of the programme has provided clear direction, and supported clear and effective decisions. Strengths of Inland Revenue’s governance of the programme include a comprehensive and clear governance structure, an established methodology, and an advanced approach to managing risks...
Maintaining a future focus in governing Crown-owned companies
February 2014: This report focuses on the ability of Crown-owned companies’ governance systems to support “future thinking” and to realise and adjust strategies accordingly.
Inquiry into aspects of ACC's Board-level governance
August 2012: Our inquiry found no evidence that Ms Pullar's approach to one of ACC's Board members affected her claim to ACC. However, the Board had no formal policy to guide Board members on communication with individual claimants, a deficiency it is rectifying.
Planning to meet the forecast demand for drinking water in Auckland
August 2011: A letter from the Auditor-General to the Chief Executives of Auckland Council and Watercare Services Limited on governance issues and a report on our initial findings and recommendations for Watercare to consider when developing its long-term plans for asset management and for funding arrangements...
Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation: Governance and management of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund
May 2008: We carried out a performance audit of the Guardians to provide independent assurance to Parliament about whether the Superannuation Fund is being prudently governed and managed...
Local Authority Governance of Subsidiary Entities
March 2001: This report has a broad scope and looks at the challenges, risks and lessons for local government in current and emerging governance issues. It also includes case studies on three governance structures established to address particular needs – Watercare Services Limited, Infrastructure Auckland and the Canterbury landfill joint venture project...
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