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Recent publications

The Auditor-General publishes 30-40 reports each year. These are the most recent.
Main matters arising from the 2016/17 audits of district health boards
May 2018: Brief summary of the main matters arising from the 2016/17 audits of district health boards (DHBs). By identifying and sharing our observations of all DHBs, we hope to increase the value of our audits beyond the independent assurance that they provide.
Observations from our 2016/17 central government audits
May 2018: Letter sent on 16 May 2018 to chief executives of government departments and Crown entities by Greg Schollum, Deputy Controller and Auditor-General sharing some observations on common issues and noteworthy practice from our 2016/17 annual audits.
Monitoring how water is used for irrigation
May 2018: This is our first of seven audits that will look at how public organisations manage water. For this audit, we looked at how freshwater used for irrigation is tracked and measured. This included looking at how well water meter installation was managed, the quality of data collected from water meters, how the data was used, and whether this was leading to positive changes in the way water is used. We focused on five regional councils and one unitary council from six different regions.
Draft annual plan 2018/19
May 2018: Under section 36 of the Public Audit Act 2001, the Auditor-General is required to consult the House of Representatives each year on a draft annual plan that describes our proposed work programme for the next financial year. This year we have revised aspects of how we present our work programme to more clearly represent the diverse range of work that we do, including our theme-based work, and to show its alignment with The Auditor-General’s strategic intentions to 2025.
How the Overseas Investment Office uses information
April 2018: We carried out a review that focused on the OIO's use of information within the context of the governing legislation and ministerial direction. We wanted to know whether the OIO was collecting and using the right information at the right time to support good decisions. We found that the OIO does provide the decision-maker with the right information to recommend whether consent for an investment should be granted. In the applications we reviewed, the OIO collected, considered, and used information carefully in preparing recommendations and provided the decision-maker with a comprehensive file of information to support its recommendations. It consistently addressed all the required criteria and supported the views it had taken.
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