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Water is our current work theme. Here's a brief description of what we're about to do, and links to our previous work about water...

Focus of our current work programme - water managementNew Zealanders rely on water for their long-term health and economic, environmental, social, and cultural well-being. Some of the most important environmental and economic issues that New Zealand currently faces are associated with water.

The topics in our work programme will examine how well the public sector manages water. Our work will explore aspects of drinking water, freshwater, stormwater, and marine waters. We will also prepare a scene-setting report to provide context for our work and help the public to better understand how the public sector manages water in New Zealand.

Our aim is to help improve public management of water now and in the future through sharing our observations of good practice and innovation, and identifying barriers to these.

We won't be commenting on the policies of the Government or local authorities. We also do not intend to duplicate any of the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Previous work about water

Here's a list of previous work we've produced about water:

Introducing our work programme - Water management
October 2017: New Zealanders rely on water for our health, our economy, and our lifestyle. For Māori, water is an important spiritual and cultural resource that is regarded as a taonga...
Managing freshwater quality: Challenges for regional councils
September 2011: We carried out an audit to provide an independent view of how effectively four selected regional councils are managing and controlling land use and related activities for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing freshwater quality in their regions...
Planning to meet the forecast demand for drinking water in Auckland
August 2011: A letter from the Auditor-General to the Chief Executives of Auckland Council and Watercare Services Limited on governance issues and a report on our initial findings and recommendations for Watercare to consider when developing its long-term plans for asset management and for funding arrangements...
Part 11: Planning to meet the forecast demand for drinking water
Local government: Results of the 2008/09 audits.
Local authorities: Planning to meet the forecast demand for drinking water
February 2010: We carried out a performance audit of eight local authorities to help us form a view about how well prepared the country is to meet the likely future demand for drinking water...
Horizons and Otago Regional Councils: Management of freshwater resources
May 2005: This report looks at how the Resource Management Act 1991 framework has been implemented by the Horizons Regional Council and the Otago Regional Council for the management of freshwater in their regions...
Thames Coromandel District Council: Actions relating to a Sewerage Scheme for Cooks Beach and Ferry Landing
June 2001: We believe that other local authorities will find the discussion of the issues dealt with in this report helpful when faced with making similar decisions...
Management of sewage treatment systems
May 1992, ISBN 0 477 02831 4.
Marine Fisheries Management
December 1990, ISBN 0 477 02818 7. Jointly prepared by the Controller and Auditor-General and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.
Ministry of Works and Development: Irrigation schemes
April 1987, ISBN 0 477 02801 2.
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